HSB Corporation sells rubber compound, plastic scrap, cardboard and other waste products that we collect. Improve your bottom line by using our materials for a fraction of the cost of buying virgin material while providing immense value to the environment

Products that we offer:

  • Unvulcanised Prime SBR/NR Rubber Compound

  • Off Spec Polymers

  • Cured Rubber Waste

  • Butyl

  • EPDM

  • Tire Tread

  • Tire Bladders

  • Green Tires

  • Tire Cord

  • LDPE

  • MDPE

  • HDPE

  • PET

  • PVC

  • Plastic Resins

  • Vinyl

  • Plastic Drums

  • Resin Bags

  • OCC Bales